Hi readers! (: Sorry for being so MIA lately but LOTS has been happening for me. I’m back in HongKong for summer and managed to nail an internship at the Shangri-La! It’s at a semi-fine dining Italian restaurant, Angelini, and has been great so far. Seriously, serving with such class is such an art, loving it to bits!

But more about what i’m posting about ^^ and OOTD. Went to the city and it was just so absolutely beautiful I wasn’t even planning on posting anything today but my bro took a few pics and I thought I’d share ^^

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5

photo 4

photo 4

photo 3


Thanks for reading/stopping by! xx Peace out ♒✌

Something to watch on your Sunday ☺✌

Learning is not just in the classroom! Something that needs to be understood by everyone. ‘learning’ is often only perceived as the ‘traditional way of learning’ from lectures, following a criteria and grades. It’s more than that, you have the potential to do everything! Sharing a nice little video I stumbled upon with you ^^

Happy Sunday! x