Trip to Angmering


 Angmering. What a great surprise to have discovered this little getaway location next to Brighton. Summer is approaching, internships are finishing and it’s soon time to say goodbyes to our EHL crew from London 😦 What a great 6months we all had together and how lucky we are to have met and formed this little crew! An Angmering getaway was the perfect choice to finish our adventures nicely 😁  
Ps: good vibes are all around! 


Travel: Moroccan adventure

After what seemed like the most hectic exam period we’ve had at uni, our well deserved trip to Morocco has finally arrived. I didn’t know much about this country as a whole or its cities, but Marrakesh was the chosen destination for 4 days. 

I don’t even know how to start describing whole the trip! …so I won’t. But here are a few insider tips of what there is to do in Marrakesh:

Souks! These markets are always crazy and full of animation! Everything can be found there from snake toys, to beautiful tea sets, to hand made leather bags and snake charmers. This is definitely the place to be if you like wandering around the ‘hassle & bustle’.

Tanneries… Although the animal/leather stench is quite powerful, being someone who loves DIY, it was really interesting to see how leather is processed. There was also an explanation of how they use and make colors the ‘all naturaaal’ way, with spices. At the end of the visit, they make you go through the tannery store (a.k.a souvenir store). Of course, this is for ‘typical tourists’ but actually, products found in these tannery shops are not the same as what can be found in the souk markets (some of those might be made in china or the colors are artificial)

 I had to get myself some leather! Couldn’t help it for future DIYs ^^

Riads. Which is the name given to a typical Moroccan guest house. We stayed in a beautiful and very charming one called Riad Shaloma, located right next to one of the Palaces of the city. They aren’t always easy to find as they are usually small (8 to 15 rooms) and tucked away in a maze of tiny streets and alleys. The host was wonderful, always prepared to answer our question and greet us the ‘Moroccan way’.

Majorelle Garden… A beautifully entertained garden with the most interesting plants I’ve ever seen yet! This is definitely a place to stop by for some calm and quite time just observing all the colors. This is considering it wasn’t even the season for flowers to blossom yet! There was also an Yves Saint Lauren memorial in the garden LOVE posters made by him.

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Travel: Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup!

This was indeed a very well needed 5-day weekend. The weeks at uni were getting longer and motivation was low… But Amsterdam was coming up!
Along with few friends we decided to fly to Amsterdam for a long weekend. We rented a cozy 3 bedroom apartment that hosted 10 people, located right on Harlemmerstraat (7mins walk to Amsterdam Centraal station), which made it super convenient for us.

What’s there to do in Amsterdam?

Well, everyone knows about Amsterdam’s infamous CoffeeShops. Where, you will be able to fine, not only some very fine cannabis but also the best munchies! You can be sure to find at least the following in every single coffee shop:

  • smoothies
  • milkshakes
  • pancakes
  • cheese toasties!
  • fresh mint tea
  • regular teas
  • hot/cold chocolate milk
and the list goes on!
The best thing about these coffee shops, they know sell alcohol. So you’re sure to be around some very very chilled people. ^^

Only a glimpse of the wonders we got to enjoy
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts about the trip! 

Peace and meditate!