Hi readers! (: Sorry for being so MIA lately but LOTS has been happening for me. I’m back in HongKong for summer and managed to nail an internship at the Shangri-La! It’s at a semi-fine dining Italian restaurant, Angelini, and has been great so far. Seriously, serving with such class is such an art, loving it to bits!

But more about what i’m posting about ^^ and OOTD. Went to the city and it was just so absolutely beautiful I wasn’t even planning on posting anything today but my bro took a few pics and I thought I’d share ^^

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5

photo 4

photo 4

photo 3


Thanks for reading/stopping by! xx Peace out ♒✌


New In

Recently I’ve been browsing a lot for accessories online. Hats and sunglasses for summer, statement necklaces always make me melt a little bit inside and riiiiiiings I have always been obsessed with. Three of my orders have arrived and I’ve been wearing at least one every day! I received a black and gold chunky ring, an embellished silver loop ring and a gold choker necklace. They’re beautiful, that definitely wasn’t my last order!


Credits to my boyfriend for taking to photos 🙂

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How Beauty Feels

I had my first class in a new subject today: Service quality and Design. I immediately fell in love with it.

We talk about the service sector mostly (luxury and hospitality mostly), consumers and their expectations. How to predict and know what the customer’s expecting. We discussed and look at different ways in which quality can be defined and how ‘cheap’ isn’t necessarily ‘bad’. In the end, ”only when differences in quality have been eliminated by standardization does ‘cheapest’ necessarily coincide with ‘best”.

Anywho! What I wanted to post about is this TEDtalk video our professor shared with us about beauty. No, it’s not one of those typical love-yourself-for-who-you-are videos or one criticizing and blaming the media for this perspective of beauty. It’s a designer talking about what beauty truly is to him and how it feels. He emphasizes a lot of the feeling of beauty, that feeling you get when you see or learn something beautiful. Beauty is not something that has been created by men, it’s been there all along and will always be there.
When people say ‘true beauty comes from within’, it sounds like one of those overused and cheesy quotes that no one uses anymore, but this is true! I mean in the end beauty is relative after all. Like Richard Seymour says in his video, you might not find a motorbike beautiful but he sure does. And also how my brother doesn’t find any beauty in my bag, for example.

I better stop rambling before I end up writing an essay about beauty, perception and emotions… but here’s the TED talk video:

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I hope you enjoyed reading! x