DIY: Giant knitting needles

Knitting… Some people say it’s old fashioned, but I say it’s creative and peaceful. Yes, it is repetitive, long and can be boring, but I use this time to kind of ‘switch off’ for a while. It’s my time to relax, think and create something at the same time ^^ I’ve seen quite a few images online of giant knitting tools and poufs, blankets and scarves made from them. I wanted to buy myself a pair of needles but they were either not big enough, or too expensive! (mine have a diameter of 16mm)

So I though – DIY time!

I didn’t need much either:

  1.  long rod of wood of the thickness you want your needle to be
  2. wood carver
  3. sand paper – very smooth
  4. saw

ImageA few inspo images, I do not claim any of these photos mine, they’re from Pinterest.


So I just used a wood carving tool. You could use anything really from rough sand paper to file. I slowly worked the corners, breaking them down to form the point at the top. Next step: smoothing. Since these needles will be used with beautiful yarn 😉 it needs to be as smooth as possible not to damage the yarn. I used the softest sand paper I found at the hardware store. It ended up being very soft!

photo 4 (1)

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (3)

I’m looking at patterns online for a possible living room pouf DIY project ^^ I’m thinking of making a post about it too. Feel free to message of comment for DIY requests!

Thanks for reading!


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