Furry coats! (faux)

So while it’s still cold outside here’s a few ‘inspo’ photos stumbled upon on pinterest. I actually found a big fat furry (faux ofc!) coat at the flea market our school held which could quite easily fit into this category of fat furry coats.

They could seem like a ‘too big’ and ‘inconvenient’ piece of clothing, which is definitely not the case! What I like the most when wearing mine is the fact that I can wear the most basic clothes underneat. I wore simple grey leggings w/ a grey spaghetti top, then threw the oversized coat on top. It makes a simple outfit look interesting, easy to dress with and best of all: warm.

Fur coat and fedora

Fur Coat | Women's Look | ASOS Fashion Finder

Leather pants, fur coat, white t-shirt, boots

Hmmm. I actually have a white fur coat just like grandmothers...maybe I will break it out!I don’t claim any of the images above, they are all from Pinterest.

I hope you all enjoy your furry coat as much as I do and I really encourage you get one if you were thinking of doing so.

Thanks for reading and the support is always appreciated! x

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  1. Hi Melissa, thanks for your sweet comment you left on my blog !
    So first of all what book i’m reading right now is dessert flower (in german Wüstenblume), It’s a good story and based on a true story..

    I like your layout and what you’re blogging 🙂

    Keep going with you blog 🙂 ELLE

  2. Thanks for your Comment ! Sure we can follow each Other , i follow you via bloglovin , now its your turn to follow back 😉
    x Jil

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