Starting the day right! 

Heya! I’ve finally finished my internship here in London and have all the time in the world to relax, do all the yoga I want and just enjoy this city 😁😁 With mama bear and my sister in town, I’m getting all the fun, love and rest I need. 

So today the day starts with a nice complete breakfast prepared my mama bear. It’s so important to start the day right! It influences our mood, how you see things and will, in a way, set the way you few your day ^^ The reality around you doesn’t change, but only he way you view it does (: So start your day right and make sure you face your day with the best possible vibezzzz 



Trip to Angmering


 Angmering. What a great surprise to have discovered this little getaway location next to Brighton. Summer is approaching, internships are finishing and it’s soon time to say goodbyes to our EHL crew from London 😦 What a great 6months we all had together and how lucky we are to have met and formed this little crew! An Angmering getaway was the perfect choice to finish our adventures nicely 😁  
Ps: good vibes are all around!